8 comments on “MadCatz / Saitek F.L.Y. 5 & VoiceAttack

  1. Hey Ninja, yeah for the voice response I decided to buy an Ivona voice. It was between Amy (british) and Eric (american) Of course now that you mention it, I couldve recorded the samples I needed as they DO provide a sample text to speech engine which allows a sentence or two to be spoken with all their voices directly from their own website. In this case, I decided to buy the voice to support the company as I have also used their free (for now) voices extensively on my android device to convert my epubs and pdf books into pseudo “audio books”. Works pretty nicely.

    • Yep, makes sense if you’re using the product extensively. Always good to support those companies you think do good work!

      I’ve just blogged about 6 new space-sim titles that are due for release soon, or soonish. Maybe there will be another game or two there that catches your eye 😉

      And thanks for being the first to comment on my blog!


  2. This is pretty fantastic. I have mapped my lasers to fire when I say ‘Pew Pew’, as my daughter finds this hilarious.

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