5 comments on “Video: Beta 2.05 – NPC bounty hunting

  1. If your in a circling contest move your power to the engines. I almost always have at least two pips in there to stay on their tail. Better shoot two more times than losing them and turning into the hunted instead of the hunter! 😉

    • Thanks for the idea. The problem I have with this idea is that putting more power to engines will increase the size of the turning circle, (since it will increase speed) meaning you turn wide and high of them…keep on doing that and a good human, on lower engine pips, and at max. maneuverability (middle of blue throttle zone) will eventually come right around behind you (though one or other may well have just broken out of the circle by then). I would add that upwards lateral thrust, with FA on, also helps upwards turn speed. I agree, though, that once on someone’s tail, better engine management to stay there would help me 😉

      • Thats what I thought initially but my turns became tighter with increased power, I think it increases both speed and manoeuvrability. I was in a loop while my target slowly moved further and further away from my crosshairs. However I quickly got him back in again after I put 3 pips in power. I’ve done this twice now, both times I kept my throttle on mid blue.

        Of course doing it two times in not exactly evidence, something else could have happened there, target dropping speed or a gravity well, who knows 🙂

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